About Us

Hi everyone! My name is Caitlyn Covington, I am 25 years old and am from a tiny town on California’s Central Coast. I started making jewelry in 2020 while I was still in college at the University of Wyoming. I picked up jewelry making as a hobby right before Covid hit in March of 2020. As a result of Covid, I went home from college to continue with online courses which gave me more time to make jewelry. I started a website shortly after that and it has taken off ever since and allowed me to make it my full time job. I grew up with grandparents that made and sold sterling silver and turquoise jewelry so I have been around it my entire life. I have found a new love for silversmithing and creating unique pieces that will be cherished forever and passed down generations. I cannot thank you all enough for your support. ❤️

Caitlyn Covington